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so emotional!!

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so im 22 wks on sunday and im even more emotional than before! i cry over like every little thing even things that aren't such a big deal..i hate there anything i can do to not cry so much? i even cried in the doc office the other day looking like a nutcase because my boyfriend was gunna get rid of his dog and i dont even like the dog! lol i feel like im going crazy sometimes

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no there really isnt anything you can do its all your hormones believe me we all have been there i am now 34 weeks pregnant and i still get emotional about everything so good luck hang in there your half way there
no unfortunatly hun its just your hormones.. during the pregnancy with my daughter I would get upset and cry over stupid things worse then this time.. there was a certain song on the radio.. country of all things.. that I would absolutly sob too if I didnt change the we hear the song and my boyfriend and I will both burst out laughing becuase its so funny to think that it bothered me soo much.. your half way there it will be worth it and people should know especially at the dr office to expect it and not think your a nut case good luck =)
It is just part of growing a baby. I cry about really dumb things too. My husband isn't really talking to his family right now and we have been dicussing having more to do with them and he was telling me I was going to have to be the bigger person when I was around them and I burst out crying. Everything is going to affect you more right now. Just remember you are over halfway there. Good luck :)
It's just part of pregnancy.  Sorry!  My hubby made me cry by telling me we were going to someone's house for dinner.  LOL!  I didn't want to go, I just wanted to be with him and our boys.  Talk about silly!  ;)
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