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So excited

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I am 31 weeks! Ill be 32 weeks on Thursday! only a few weeks left to meet Mr. Mark Bentley <3 Is there anything I need to be doing these last few weeks? Cause I have no idea lol.. I havent really done anything so any thing is of help thanks =)

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Resting!!! You are gonna need it!  LOL!  Pack your bag sometime over the next 2 weeks (just in case).  Finish the nursery if you aren't done with it.  Date nights! 
no time to rest lol... work work work =( lol... ill make sure to tell my husband about the date nights =)
do you have everything you need for the baby? all the clothes,changing needs,feeding supplies and medications (just in case)?when is your due date? I think we're really close..mine is december 17th. I've been trying to get things ready too :)
All I can suggest is trying to make sure that you have everything that you need set up and ready for him to come home too.. that way if he arrives a little early then you will be prepared.. we even had diapers and wipes and things set up so they were easily acccessible for when we brought the baby home.. just things to prepare for making the first few days at home easier.. I am 30 weeks and getting all his little clothes and things folded and put in the dresser and getting everything situated for him now.. but definitly spend some time with your husband now.. it seems like forever once you bring the baby home until you get time to just the 2 of you and thats both a good and bad thing in my opinion good luck =)
aliciafair im due Dec 16th =)... and thanks everyone
oh! someone told me to make sure I have a lot of pre-made dinners! so I wont have to worry about cooking for the first few weeks!which is a pretty smart idea!

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