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So scared for the birth. Help!?

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Hi, I am only 15 years old. And at this moment I am 19 weeks and 2 days. I not yet havent find out what I am having. But they did do an early ultrasound a week ago and they said it looked like a girl. But you never know. I am thinking and reading about birth/labor. I am so scared right now. I just dont wanna have the baby at all now. I am scared of what it will feel like, what meds I can/cant take (due to my age and body). Can someone please help me or explain what will basically happen?

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Omg! i know how you feel i was so scared when it came to labor but honestly that was easy jusy be sure to get the epidural that doesnt even hurt that bad and i HATE needles!when my contractions started to bug me i just asked for something in my iv it took the edge off lol but to me the contractions didnt really hurt just very very annoying and persistant to where i couldnt be still
I know exactly how you feel.  This is my first baby and I'm due here in a few weeks!  Something that comforts me is to know that millions of women all over the world have done this before (several times even) and they have gotten through it just fine.  I am going to opt for the epidural, which is also comforting to know that we have that option.  Also, it helps to picture the end result.. holding that sweet little girl in your arms.  I can't wait for that moment.  Most women tell me that it's the best moment ever!  Make sure to take care of yourself and know that you have all of our support cuz we are going through the exact same thing!! 
relax and breath. if you want the drs will give you something for the pain. take a tour of the birthing center. im on my  2nd baby, i know that it can be scary. its easier with family and friends around.  my grandmother was with me in the delivery room first time. do you have someone picked out? read books, i found "the baby book" by dr sears was great for me best of luck 
Labor and delivery is something that's completely life- changng and a major event in your life.  I give you props for reading about everything, it's the best way to get information on the things that might happen, and things that you may already be experiencing. I've had two babies so far, and at certain points, I either couldn't wait to have them to hold, or I wanted to throw them up instead of push them out, or I wanted to keep them in for as long as possible because I was scared of delivering.  Your body is still physically 'young', so it might be hard for you, only because of your age, but that's not for sure. For the remainder of your pregnancy, your body will keep changing in all sorts of weird ways, but it'll mostly be normal, unless your doctor says otherwise. My first was induced, and it was great, because my labor was 10 hours long.  My epidural didn't work too well, and I experienced a lot of pain that I can't fully explain, but after a few weeks everything returns to normal.  With my second, he came early, and most of the labor was like bad menstural cramps... and I decided to go to the hospital once they got too strong.  I had the epidural again, and it worked- I felt NOTHING- then and afterwards! I have lots of tattoos, but I didn't look at the needle either time.  It feels like a bee sting in your spine, and hurts the first few minutes while it's working it's way through your body, but then you feel numb-it's great!The nurses are usually really supportive and talk you through everything (which is why I didn't take birthing classes); they also do everything they can to make you comfortable.  They and your doctor can always answer questions you think might be silly- chances are they've heard them all before.The aftermath of the birth and coming home is definitely overwhelming, I won't lie.  You just have to keep your head up through all of it and remember to do what's best for you and your baby.Keep reading and asking questions- good luck! 
I am on my 4th pregnancy.  All of mine were different.  Labor does hurt, but I had an epideral for 3 of them so far and plan on getting it again with my 4th.  I know how you are feeling.  I was scared for my first as well. I read up on everything I could.  I also talked to relatives who had babies.  But labor and delivery really aren't that much.  Once that baby  is in your arms and looking up at you.  It is worth all the pain you went through.  With my 3 so far I cried after I had them.  I cried because they were so beautiful and because it was all over.  Having a baby is a life changing experience.  I was 21 years old when I had my first child and I wasn't ready then.  I can only imagine if I would have been 15 years old when I had him.  Parenting is also tough.  All I can say is just relax, don't worry about the delivery until you are almost there, because if not you will be worrying all the time which isn't good for you.
There are lots of things you can do in labor to make it faster and easier.  Epidural doesn't always work and it makes labor two hours longer on average...but if it's what you think you need, go for it.  It will pretty much guarantee you an episiotomy however or at least increase your chances since you will be pushing flat on your back uphill.Consider keeping as upright as possible and walking, standing, kneeling, etc in labor.  Your body is young and your labor may be faster than average!  Keep very positive and tick off contractions in your head one by one.In a few months you will wonder why you stressed about labor....because it really is just one day in your new life with your bambino.
I am in the same boat as you sweetie i am 16. and i am scared but itll be worth it. I am 27 weeks and everyday I am closer to my due date and every day i think of  every pain managment option.
I had my first baby at 16 so I understand how you're feeling. I am now working on my 4th baby I'm happy to say. I was also very scared about the labor. I went into premature labor 2 and ended up having her 4 weeks early. I chose to have her natural with no epidural and had a very painful, very truamatic labor. I would recommend having the epidural. I chose to with the next 2 labors and was able to slleo up to the point of pushing. I found it much more relaxed and enjoyable without all the pain. Good luck!
labor can take a long time sometimes but once you get in there if your water hasent broke they will just stick a bar thing with a tiny hook thing and put it in your vagina and wiggle it around to break your water and when your having a contraction it will hurt ofcorse but just breath through it and then when its time to push they tell you to push and you push as hard as you can and maybe hold on to someones hand then they count to 10 and do that untill its out

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