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so sunday i go into the hospital to get induced should i be scared?

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this baby will be my second one so i really dont know if i should be scared since it's my second or happy but i know one thing is that im ready to get it over with cause im sick of being pregnant.

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I think i would be happy, but of course scared as well.. but think you will see your little one very soon! all worth it!... im only 24 weeks so my lil one is not ready yet but i know if i could be i would. im tired of being pregnant as well lol..
i was induced with my daughter. It was a slow process. I was induced on my due date so I was very ready to be done with the pregnancy. I was scared but excited. My water broke when the pitocin was very high and that was painful because the contractions were so close. I am 12 weeks pregnant and this time I will skip the I.V meds and just wait for the pain meds. THe I.V meds just made me real groggy where I could not even talk but I still felt everything. Also being induced does increase the chance for jaundice so watch for that. My daughter got it but then again all the babies in our families seem to get it. Good luck and congrats!!
Don't be scared!  I was induced with both of my children; we will have to wait and see what happens with the third!  Inducing you should help you to relax knowing that you are already at the hospital for all of the events that may take you by surprise otherwise.  The nurses and doctors have done this so many times that you should just let them worry.  Relax, and try to enjoy the process (if you have an epidural:).  Everything will be worth it in the end!
don't be scared...being induced isn't bad or scary...when you get there just relax and take a deep breath and before you know it your baby will be here!  i was induced with my son and no complications or anything :)
Don't be scared. I'm sure you'll hear mixed reviews on being induced, just like anything everyone's experience is different.  I was induced with my first son becasue he just wasn't coming, lol. I had a great experience and a very easy labor, I believe, because of it.  It was a simple process. They told me what time to be at the hopital. When I got there they started an iv and the doctor put the petosin in the iv and told me to try to relax as much as I could.  So I did and about a half hour later I started to have contractions.  My son was born in about 10 minutes, no joke.  I guess the petosin works quick. i only had to push a few times and he was here.  I'm pregnant with my second now, and i'm scared of what it will be like if this baby comes with out the help, lol.  Your baby will be here soon and it will be a wonderful feeling.  try to relax, everything will be over before you know it.
its normal to be scared but trust me its ok i have a 8 month old named alissa and theres nothing to be scared about good luck

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