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so uncomfortable already??

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I am just over 21 weeks pregnant with our second baby and I am already really uncomfortable atleast the last few days.. I cant seem to get comfortable at night.. I toss and turn.. laying on my sides hurts since it puts pressure on my belly and my back and stomach are out and have been for awhile.. I attempted to place a couple pillows underneath my belly/chest and between my knees but dont seem to be getting much relief.. any suggestions??? I am exhausted with taking care of our 13 month old all day and getting ready for classes starting up again next week.. any advice will be greatly appreciated I am ready to try anything...

answers (2)

I've been uncomfortable for the last couple of weeks, too.  I think it started around 21w for me (I'm now 24w).What I've found that actually helps me is to have my upper back and shoulders as if I'm laying on my back and with a round bolster pillow tucked between my knees length wise and have my knees as if I'm laying on my left side.When I wake up in the mornings, my hips aren't killing me, and my tummy doesn't feel like it's falling off.Hope you can get some rest! <3
Thanks so much I am definitly going to try this position when  I sleep tonight.. my hips have been causing me soo much pain this time around I am afraid to even think about how uncomfortable I will be closer to the end of the pregnancy. It makes me feel a little bit better to know that I am not alone.. I tohught people woudl think that I was crazy since I was alreayd having so much discomfort only half way through.. thanks again and good luck with your pregnancy as well.. =)

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