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Somebody :)

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Is it normal to feel nauseuos and feel like throwing up right after you are done having sex with your partner???

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oh this question made me laugh.. sorry.. it sounds funny but I have experienced the nausea.. I think it may be because of the movement that occurs while you are having sex.. I am not sure I have had lots of nausea from everything this pregnancy from little things even like getting out of a nice hot shower and then getting nausea and throwing up the dr told me any little thing can bother you.. thats my best guess is the movement.. traveling in the car on bumpy roads does it too.. which is kinda compareable with the movement of sex lol.. hope that helps to atleast know your not alone =)
Hehehe, yeah it's funny bc it only happens when he has the orgasm but if he doens't it won't happen.... so that's pretty funny and confusing... but I had to ask just in case it has happen to anybody else =).. Thank you maddison09.
Wow yea I get nauseous sometimes and others not it just depends on how I am feeling that day I guess but  I have never realized a connection personally to wether he orgasms or not.. hmm.. now you got me thinking lol.. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and everything =)
Thank you, well yeah it's kind of funny though, But thanks God my baby is all OK and it seems to be a girl but i have to go back in 6 wks to be sure.
oh congrats girls are fun.. my little girl is almost 14 months and we are 21 weeks pregnant with a boy this time =)
Awww how cute, I wanted a boy for the first time but as long as is healthy is ok. But i'm happy with my little princess!! :)

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