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Someone please :)

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Next week on monday the 16th i will have my ultrasound and i'll be 15 weeks, do you think they will be able to tell me the gender of my baby?? the doctor told me they might tell me depending on how is the baby laying. Any experiences at 15 weeks???

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I know for sure that the gender of you baby is already determined by 15 weeks the question is wether ot not it is apparent on the ultrasound.  So if your baby's legs are spread wide you may be able to see what gender it is.  However, they may not be as confident as they could be if they checked at 18 to 20 weeks. I know a few people who get their ultrasound, think they are having a girl and end up having a boy.  It's an easy mistake to make early in development. You may want to see what your options are for having them check again when your baby has had more time to develop.
It depends on how sensitive the machine is. At my rural hospital the grainy ultrasound couldn't show you the sex until 20 or 22 weeks. My SIL went to a high tech 4-d ultrasound place and they were able to tell her completely accurately at 12 weeks. (She recently had her baby girl).
Thank you girls, my doctor said it would be on 3D with a specialist to see if there is anything wrong because is the second part of the genetic test they do, but since it's going to be 15 wks and it's more advanced i think they would be able to find out. I just wanna know already, i feel excited for it!!
i am 20 weeks today and they are doing my ultrasound on the 17th and i am excited and have been wanting to know what this baby is for a while but it just had its legs crossed and won't open them i think its smiling when it does it because my doc got a pic and could see the smile... but usually they don't do the ultrasound that early.. but i am not sure where you are so they might be different in your town.... but this is my first baby... i hope you find out... i have an ideal what mine is going to be.... i just have a feeling...
They might be able to but their probably going to tell you at 19 or 20 weeks=)
That's so funny!  My ultrasound is on the 16th also, I'll be 19 wks and I'm sure I'll find out.  I have 4 boys already and really want a girl.  I'm expecting to have another boy cuz I don't wanna get my hopes up to be disapionted.  I just had my last boy 1yr ago yesderday and since it hasn't been that long, i remember the pregancy.  This time, it's a lot different from the last.  I haven't gained any weight and I'm not very hungry.  I have just noticed this one moving about a wk ago and it's moving around very low.  Most of these sighns say girl, but every pregnancy is different & so is every baby.  I just hope this one's a girl, I have had all c-sections obviously need another.  I say this will be the last baby for me, but if it's a boy I'll probaly break down & wanna try again.  I was told that since they did the sensus this year that w/in the last 10 yrs 1 in every 4 babies born has been a girl.  So right now it's not 50/50, you got a 1 outa 4 chance for a girl.  this is #5 for me so i just keep hoping & praying.
Well yeah what a coincidence!! but hope you have your girl this time, wish you the best =)
i think that while your babys gender is already there at this point it may not show up on the ultrasound at this point most obgyns ask you to get your ultrasound done at 20 weeks for this reason.
I knew baby gender from the very beginning of my pregnancy. I find out with the help of chinese pregnancy calendar ( and then on the 18th week ultrasound told me the same.

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