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Sooo freakn restless!!! Uuggghhhh!

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Hello ther al u moms... im 24weeks now, jus postd up a couple days ago bout me only bein able ta sleep on ma stomach... Now i feel worst, i have a better body pillow now but i also hve a new problem!!! I JUS CNT FREAKN SLEEP! Ma body is weak n tired but wen i try ta get comfortable{evn on ma bak or stomach lik i was so use 2} i jus cnt seem ta get a good rest! It takes me 4eva ta get 2 sleep n wen i get ther im up in 3hours!!!! Y is this!! Cud wrkn 8hours shifts 5days a week have sumthn ta do wit it!??? I wud thnk it wud hlp me b more ready 4 slepep... So not the case! Lol... N e bdy else hve dis problem!?

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When I was around 24 weeks I had problems sleeping too.  I got a body pillow, placed it under my tummy and between my knees and slept on my side.
Yea it maybecome more difficult to sleep onnyour stomach from this point on because of the baby growing so rapidly. you  may have to sleepon your side. A pillow between your knees helps relieve back pressure. I had problems sleeping and my doctor told me that I could take bendryl to help me sleep but not todo it everynight
once i do get to sleep it only lasts for about 4 hours then bathroom or eating time, thats our body training us for the days to comeget as comfy as you can then its time to wake up!

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