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Sore Nipples

5 answers
Hello, I am 7 weeks pregnant and my nipples are constantly hurting does anyone have any tricks or tips to make them feel at least bearable? This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have never experienced this before. Thanks!

answers (5)

well try hot showers your milk might be coming in early but if they still hurt in like 4 days go to the docter
This is my 4th pregnancy and I have very sore nipples also. I hadn't experienced it with the other 3 so I was a little concerned. When I had my first appointment with my mid wife she asked about my breasts being sore. I told her they were very sore and she said it was a good sign. However I don't see anything good about hurting like that. So, unfortunately, I have no advice for you only sympathy. Maybe knowing you're not alone will be somewhat comforting.
they sell soothing pads in most target and walmart stores for sore nipples in the baby section also try warm compresses these are also tips for breastfeeding but they work
this is my 4th time lost one and never had such sore breast i have two girls so im hoping this one is a boy ive been hurting for about two weeks im going to dr thursday maybe she can help or something they hurt........
I have had sore nipples all 14 weeks I've been pregnant. Unfortunately I have no advice because my midwife just says thats a good sign. So maybe you can take comfort in knowing that. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. :) 

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