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Spotting, depression, stress, oh my

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This is my second pregnancy and boy is it starting out on the wrong foot. Im about 11 weeks along and I've gained 3lbs which my doctor is saying it's on the high side. [With my first pregnancy I lost 1lb a week until my third trimester...] I was on birth control when I got pregnant so realized fairly early that I was pregnant. I already had a plate of stress on the table due to my job and my husband and I's separation a few months previous to finding out I was pregnant. We were separated for a few months and decided to give it another shot. Even though things are better in our relationship, it's still rough. I work two jobs, and my husband just lost his, which means a third from me minus daycare and housecleaning [well, that's what I thought...] So I'm on a job hunt for another job while my husband does very little around the house [no matter how much I talk to him it doesn't seem to matter], also my husband has two other children [his youngest is 6 months younger than my daughter... I know, I know.....] So, I had my first internal exam since I found out I was pregnant on Wednesday and yesterday I started spotting whereas since the ending of my period I haven't spotted once. On top of that my doctor was unable to find the heartbeat at the appointment, part of this I feel to be the fact that I am quite a bit overweight. Before I was pregnant I was on Prozac which helped my depression and my eating habits, making me lose weight thus giving me an extra boost of 'happiness' besides what the Prozac was doing. After being off the Prozac for a few weeks, low and behold I have my first Panic Attack, and they now occur every few days. How do I deal with all of this stress? Is the spotting normal because it was my first internal, or should I be worried? [Ultrasound on Tuesday] How can I deal with my depression without taking any medications; how do I deal with the Panic Attacks? I'm afraid to really talk to my doctor about everything because I feel like a hypochondriac. I was told to go to a therapist but my insurance is a mess right now and, honestly, I don't have the time to go to a therapist. Someone, help, please?

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I was diagnosed with depression and then found out i was pregnant I wasn't able to go on any medication until my second trimester. I have been taking zoloft and according to both my obgyn and primary doc it is ok to take. as for the therapist, i know it is easier said than done but make the time... i have been seeing a therapist since my pregnancy and she helps me work thru those other issues ( work, hubby...etc) that overwhelm me. Reading your post reminds me of myself mother of five yr old daughter, second pregnancy (having a boy!), extremely overweight, having major issues with work, depression even down to having my first internal because they couldn't find my sons heartbeat. But word of advice- who cares if your doc thinks you are a hypochondriac. For one there is a higher risk when overweight and its better to be overcautious than nonchalant if there really is a problem that could worsen. Best of luck!
First off never be afraid to ask your ob doctor anything.  They are there to help you and will not think you are a hypochondriac.  Second the spotting is normal in early pregnancy it means that the sac that the baby is in is attaching to the uterine wall.  Third even though you gained 3 lbs already it probably isn't anything to worry about.  Your ob doctor will keep an eye on it, but odds are in a few weeks you will lose that 3 lbs and either gain it back little by little or keep losing.  I myself am an over weight pregnant woman and I keep losing weight instead of gaining it.  Fourth about the depression etc.  Your hormones are out of wack right now.  You have had issues with depression and all that so yours are worse than normal.  Like Beani23 said above as soon as you can see if your doctor can put you on a safe depression medicine so that you will even out as well as a pregnant woman can.  I hope this helped.

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