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Spotting at nine weeks

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I started spotting on Sunday and spent four hours in the ER. After blood work and a few ultrasounds, I was told that it was a threatened miscarriage and to just keep an eye on things. I didn't have any cramping or back pain. The blood work showed that I am Rh negative so I got a Rhogam shot. We got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat which is 171 bpm. I have had a little spotting off and on since then, for only about an hour. Again, no pain or cramping. I was just wondering if this is normal? My grandmother spotted the entire nine months during one of her pregnancies and I am just wondering if it is a hereditary thing. I see my OB/GYN for the first time tomorrow morning, but the more I think about this the more it worries me - which isn't good.

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The threatened miscarrriage or threatened abortion isn't always what they say it is.  Sometimes it is the baby reattaching, but they term it as threatened miscarriage or threatened abortion so your insurance will pick up the costs for the lab work.  I had some spotting early on (about 7-8 weeks) from the baby reattaching in a new spot, which is normal and my labs when I went to have it checked out said threatened abortion.  I said whoa, I didn't threaten to do anything and she explained that's just what the hospital terms it for insurance coverages.  Some spotting early on can be normal due to the reattachment, but your doctor should tell you more tomorrow.  If you aren't having pains and cramping, then I really think that you should be fine.  My mil spotted or bleed her whole 9 months with my hubby and he came out healthy and fine.  Try to stay calm and drink plenty of water.  Hydration helps prevent miscarriages; if you find yourself thirsty you need to drink something and water is best.  Good luck - let us know how it goes.  :)
i had spotting between weeks 6-9..they have to call it something so they called it a threatned miscarraige also.. but now im 18 weeks and everythings sister is RH negative but she found out her blood type while she was miscarraing..u got the shot so everything should be ok but dnt hesitate to go back if u feel something is wrong..some ppl spot the whole time..the spotting may just be implantation bleeding and will stop soon
Thanks ladies!  I saw the OB/GYN on Friday and she is certain the bleeding isn't from the baby.  My cervix is low and bleeds anytime it is touched.  Not sure how it has been touched, but that is the explaination she gave me.  The baby looks great and was kicking and moving around on the ultrasound.Thanks again!
i had the same problem and my doc told me it was implantion bleeding im 16 weeks now and doing just fine :)

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