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is spotting normal in the 40th week of pregancy?

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Its probably your mucus plug. My midwife warned me that this is common for the first stages of labor. That you can loose the plug anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours prior to the starting stages of labor. After you loose your plug it signals your body into prepare baby for birth mode. If you notice any other changes in discharge, inform your doctor. So good luck, it may be time or your body may be working its way up to the big day!
It could be nothing also.  We all spot off and on during pregnancy.  Have you been having any pains or contractions while you are bleeding?  If it was your plug it would have been something that looked like a big ball of snot with a brownish or reddish tint.  I would let your ob doctor know and see what they say.
I never spotted with either one of my pregnancies, but knew girls who had, creating a false alarm.  The day I went into labor, I had been having mild contractions all day, and noticed what looked like period blood when I wiped.  From that point, I was lightly bleeding, and we went to the hospital and had our son that night.  It was my 39th week and he was 10 days early.

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