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StiLL cOnFuSeD>??

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i am 19 years old years....n my boyfriend is 19 as well! we love eachother n i am about to have my first child! he has a 2 year old already which i love him very much....i dont kno wut to do bout my parents...i know i am a young adult but i still think i have a right to make my own dad pretty much takes all my decisions n dont let me make my own....he doesnt want me to see or talk to him n it hurts me very much n he doesnt understand my feelings....i dont know what to tell him or how to get him to ease off a lil....i dont want to leave but he makes it very hard to live in his house hold....any ideas of what to say or mention or how to talk with him to make him understand>??

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r u already pregeant
yes i am! i am almost 3 months pregnant!
well congrats so is it your first child
yes it is! N im very nervous n excited haha
well hun with that first child you have to grow up and that means you have to make your own decisions yes I understansd he is your father but now you are a mother and you have to think about you and the child that is growing inside of you. follow your heart and just be honest with him. those mothing instincs should be kicking in too those will help. expane to him that all that matters now is the child that both of you are going to love.
If your dad is frustrating you and you feel you cannot talk to him, write him a letter telling him how you feel so you can get out all your feelings without losing train of thought or having him interrupt you. I wish you the best honey and words I need to remind myself daily is don't forget to breath. You are upset and your baby will feel it as well.
You and your dad are both going through a lot.  Having his little girl become a mom when she is so young is not easy.  He probably is worried about you and the choice you've made to be a mother is a big one.  Be sure that you are open to what he has to say.  I agree that writing a heartfelt letter may help to get your feelings across.  The fact that your boyfriend already has a child could also be a concern to him.  He probably wants to protect you and may be worried about you getting your heart broken.  He loves you and wants you to be happy.  You are at a tough age because you should be making your own decisions, but you still have so much to learn. I'm sure to dad you are still his little girl.  I hope that he can come to terms with this and all goes well with your family relationships. Good luck!

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