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STILL NO GO on my potty training efforts!!????

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I've gotten 7 answers, but NOTHING seems 2 be working... So I'm asking again. ANY ADVICE WHAT SO EVER I will take!! Any ideas? She is 3yrs on Dec. 15th, I'm low on $$ and do not wanna buy diapers NEmore! She doesn't care about treats (including new DVD's of her fave:Sponge Bob) She wants 2 be changed right after she goes in her diaper.... idk!??? HELP ME PLEASE!! Btw, all the earlier answers I did get, they were ALL very good ideas! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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I watched an episode of Nanny 911 and the boy on there was the same way as your little girl, she took the diaper off and refused to put one on and would only let him wear "big boy/girl undies". Then she took him in on the potty and was telling stories to get him to relax so he would use the potty. You could try it this way, he screamed for diapers when he had to go.. Sorry nothings working, have you tried taking her to the potty with you??
Have you put your child with other children who go potty so that she can see them? My daughter has developmental delays and did not want to use the potty but after putting her in daycare and her seeing all the other little girls going potty now she won't stop wanting to go potty. She thinks it's the big girl way. I still use pull-ups because she's not fully trained but I mean it helped.
the way i did mines at 1 1/2 every juice i gave her i waited until she got done in waited for about five til ten min and ask her do you have to go potty  make sure you turn the faucet on so she  looks at the dripping water .wait until she actually tells mommy she did it if this dosent work then good luck

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