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Still not sure if preg?

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I posted a question about a week ago and got some good answers but my body still doesn't feel right. I set down and tried to remember and my breast were sore a couple months ago. But thought that was cause i slept weird. Was very tired and bloated for a while. no period for 2 months that i can remember. Took 2 preg test a week apart and both negativeand here lately i've been getting light cramps when i'm setting down on the couch or driving.Please anybody i need similar stories to help me ?

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have u gotten a bood test to check if ur pregnant?
i agree, my friend's mom has to take blood tests because the HPTs don't pick up the hormone from her, they come out neg when she is in fact pregnant, so if i were you, i'd go in for a blood test.
= ( well finally started my cycle after a 2 month delay. lol thank you everyone
I'm sorry sweetie :( I hope everything goes your way and you get your precious baby! Good luck :)

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