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Stressed out!!!!

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I am 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child so you would think that I would be calm knowing what to expect BUT this pregnancy has been so different for me. My problem is that my baby is breach and my midwife REFUSES to flip the baby. I am VERY VERY uncomfortable bc his size is already a little over 6 pounds according to the ultra sound and the way that he is laying in my belly hurts. Thats not why I am so stressed...the stress part is bc both of my other two boys were born at 38 weeks and the 2nd 37 1/2 weeks. My midwife tells me that if I go into labor and he is still breach they will do an emergancy c-section. I DO NOT want a c-section. The thought of it scares me in so many ways and recovery would be so hard esp. with 3 kids. My other fear is that both my labors were very short the first was 4 hrs and the 2nd was 3 hrs long. If I go into labor and the baby is breach and my labor is short I have no clue what could happen. I know this sounds odd but if my baby was the right way and I went into labor I wouldn't worry.... Has anyone every had anything like this happen? I know he still has time to flip but it doesn't seem like he wants to and I have tried the tricks that say it helps to flip a baby.

answers (6) Try that link. there are things you can try!
I have tried all the at home methods for the last couple weeks. I have done them over and over and he is not bothered at all.  I know the midwife will try at 38 weeks but I am worried I won't make it to 38 weeks.  I think some of my frustration is my midwife not listening to how I feel. I wish doctors would realize that we know our bodies and not all cases are the same.
that sucks. I'm sorry nothing helps!I guess the only thing you can do is relax and hope you make it far enough for the midwife to try..I agree with you about us knowing our bodies's very frusterating when no one will listen
When I went into labor with my 2nd son my mid wife wouldn't come into the hosptial. She said that since it was almost 3 weeks early and she had just seen me a couple days before hand that I wasn't in "real" labor.  The nurse kept telling me she was going to have to send me home but i stayed anyways and eventually they gave me a room that they never used. They were full that night but still I was in labor!!  My mid wife still wouldn't come in.  She told the nurse to let me know it would be a while and she would be in then.  Well of course my labor went faster than the first one and after only 3 hrs total my son was ready to arrive.  At that point since I was in a room they never used my nurse button didn't work and my nurse was no where to be found but my body had taken over and baby was coming. My mom delivered the baby as the nurse walked in at the end and rushed to call a family practice dr from the floor below. I then had to lay in bed with the baby on me and cord clamped until my mid wife got there to finish the rest.  After allt his I switched dr's with this pregnancy and explained what had happened and that I wanted a mid wife that would listen and now here I am being told I am crazy about things. 
I don't think you are crazy at all.  Your concerns seem completely valid to me.  In fact, I've always heard that if you have quick labors and births in your previous pregnancy, your current one will be even quicker.  I would be very concerned.  My 2nd son was born only 2 hours and 45 minutes after my contractions started.  My doctor wasn't there either and they were holding my sons head in until the physicians assistant for another doctor walked in the room.  It was horrible.  You need someone who will listen to you.  Can a midwife deliver you by c-section if the baby doesn't turn or will you have emergency ob's do it?  I've never had a baby be breach before, I know in some states you can elect to have a vag breach baby, but it's very dangerous for the baby and I think hurts like you know what for you.  I wouldn't recommend it, but I've seen it on TLC before.  I don't know what to tell you about how to get the baby to flip, but we're here to listen to you vent.  And validate your concerns, you are absolutely right to be worried and absolutely right to be mad she's not listening..that's supposed to be one of the benefits of a midwife, someone who knows you and listens to your wishes.  I'm sorry you are going through this again.  Wish I could help more!
My mid wife can't deliver me the spec. for her office would be called in if I needed a c-section.  They won't let me deliver breach bc they said that it is very dangerous and I seen my mom have my brother breach and it was AWFUL so I wouldn't want to do that either.  The thought of a c-section scares me but a breach baby scares me too...either way I am worried.  I am trying to think positive and I will just keep trying my best to get him to move! Thanks for listening!!

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