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stretch mark cream...??

5 answers
im 18 years old and 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. i recently noticed stretch marks on my butt, so i got palmer's stretch mark cream. its safe to use right???

answers (5)

Yes, its safe to you. Palmer's (or any other cream) wont make them disappear but it will make them less noticeable.
totally safe but dont bank on any dissapearing
Mine are awful.  I've had them for 5 years now, since my first little blessing was born.  They aren't dark anymore, but they are still pretty deep, so if you figure something out let me know.  I've tried a ton with no luck!
I was dredding when this would happen to me, Im 28wks w my first, so i did as much research as i could.  the top answers i found were: #1, it depends on genetics, if your mom had them bad, most likely you will too, #2, drink lots of water, staying hydrated from the inside will help your skin to be more plyable, #3, lotion is lotion, (i almost bought a bottle for $75, before i researched), make sure to put it on as much as possible on on the places you think you are most likely to get the stretch marks, #4, try to gain your weight gradually, so your skin has time to stretch with your body.From what i understand they fade into silvery lines (like "trophies of mommy-hood"), the great thing is that you're young, so chances are, you'll see them fade a lot.Good luck!
thanks eveyone!!

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