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Stuffed up nose!! can't take it anymore!!

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I'm 4 months,and I have been putting up with this stuffed up nose for the whole time...I think I'm going to lose my mind now. I'm getting crankier because of it,and have trouble sleeping... how did any of you cope with the pregnancy stuffed nose?

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Three words: Breathe Right Strips!
I loved my Neti Pot - it really cleared out my sinuses and even helped with my seasonal allergies.  It also helps to keep your nasal passages moist, so a saline nasal spray a few times a day is a good idea.  Both of these methods are medicine-free, so you don't have to worry about them harming the baby.  (I'd never tried the Breathe Right Strips, though - those might work well, too.)
Breathe rite strips and benedryl allergy plus sinus headache

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