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Surprise your 4 months Pregnant!!!

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I found out I was pregnant on October 15th. Calculating back I wouls have been like 6 wks. I finally get an ultrasound appointment to confirm my due date and BOOM! There was a head and fingers and penis!!!! I was 4 months not 6- 8 weeks. My question is, has this every happened to any one? How did it turn out for you? I did not feel pregnant. I still had my period. I am not a big drinker but I did however have a couple saturday drink nights out. I am worried that there is something wrong or I will deliver early. This is my first boy and I am very nervous. My appointment to see the doctor for tests is in 2 weeks so I won't know if he is ok til then. Someone help ease my mind................

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Well, my doctor has been trying to tell me I'm 8weeks, I told her she's crazy, and switched to a midwife. The midwife thinks I'm 27weeks, my ultrasound tomorrow will confirm. It happens! I spent an hour with my midwife talking about all the possibilities. She said the few drinks I've had, and not eatting the greatest likely won't cause any problems. I know it can be REALLY stressful finding out so late (I've only known for about 7 weeks). On the bright side, the first 5 months were hell with my first, and the fact I got to skip them this time is great! And think, you get to tell the world that not only are you pregnant, but that its a boy! How great is that!
My cousin just found out she's 26 weeks about a shocker!  She's due just a week behind me.  It happens.  you shouldn't worry, unless you were a heavy drinker your baby should be fine.  Once in a while shouldn't hurt it, I wouldn't recommend continuing now that you know - lol!  ;)  But I wouldn't worry either.  I'm sure it will be great.  Good luck!
Well, apparently I'm 31 weeks. The ultrasound tech broke out laughing... but on the bright side, I got to find out I'm having a girl at my 1st appointment! And it is perfectly healthy. Now... to get work and Christmas done with in time to get a baby room together! I hope everything goes well for you too! Be thankful you're 16 weeks, not 31!!! 
When i finally found out I was pregnant I was 9 weeks. I didn't see a doctor till I was 11 weeks. The baby and i are both doing fine. I wouldn't worry so much. Some women don't find out their pregnant till later because they just don't feel pregnant. I know i didn't.
Found out with my first one when I was 18.5 weeks. It was crazy but I couldnt be happier. I had a few drinks and survived Hurricane Katrina you should be ok
OMG, this is what happened to me with my first child. my period was always changing, so wn i dnt get it that month i took a pregnancy test at home and it came negative, i ended up taking them atleast four times...negative. so i decided to go to the dr. and  wow, i was 3 months pregnant. so atleast u knew u were pregnant i thaught there was just something wrong with my period, but thank god that my boyfriend and my family were happy...and hes a healthy almost 6 year (on april 12) old boy!!!
i just want to say "thank you so much!" for posting your story. I am petrified of even getting a pregnancy test because I'm afraid of a false negative. My last period was on April 7th but I've been having "brown-like" periods ever since that on the very day that my period would be due. I haven't been drinking since then, but I'm in the in-between stages and I'd rather be in this stage than in the "You are definitely not pregnant" place (should i go to the doctor and get a negative pregnancy test). Anyhow...

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