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surviving an ultrasound after drinking 32oz?!

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I am so excited about my ultrasound on the 21st because we get to see the little one and possibly find out if its a boy or girl but how the heck do you survive that long after drinking 32oz of water?! I am afraid that i am going to rush the ultrasound because i have to go to the bathroom so bad and I don't want to rush it! Any tips or is it just suck it up?

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You really don't have to drink that much water.  It helps to have some water on your bladder, but I definitely didn't have 32 oz.  They do some pushing on you and I would be afraid of having to go too.  Once you are in there and laying down looking at your child though you do kind of forget everything else that is going on.  The time passes pretty quickly too with all the measurements they are making of your baby.  Our doctor's office wasn't even going to tell us the sex, we had to make sure we specifically asked the tech about it, because it's not a medical procedure so they only do what the insurance company pays them to do.  She said we'll try to see what it is and fortunately they were able to.  Try just a small bottle of water, because really 32 oz does seem excessive!
Our place told me to start drinking an hour before hand, i usually wait till like 30 minutes before, so that way i don't feel like peeing myself, my son like to kick everywhere if my bladder is full. Good luck..
my doc hasnt told me to drink water before an ultrasound..but if i did it would only be a glass not 32oz..
I was never told to drink water either before my ultrasounds
I normally go to the clinic on base and they dont ever tell me to drink water. But since the technology isnt as good I have to go to the hospital in Fairbanks to get my ultrasound done as does every other military wife or military person that is stationed here as well. The lady on the phone told me to drink 32 oz prior to my appointment and I have had friends that have went tell me they had to do the same. But all of them told me that they were just begging to go to the bathroom! I guess i will just have to suck it up and i am sure that when i do see the baby it will take my mind off it a bit.
when i went for my ultrasound i had drank to much water so the ultrasound tech made me go empty it out and i didnt have anything to drink after that so i guess they do not really need you to drink that much water i was happy she made me empty it becuase when she pushed down just a little bit it hurt because i had to go so bad my 20w aapointment they told me to drink 40oz. ;-; lolDrink it an hour ahead.  They do a few measurements and it takes about 5 minutes (which seems like an eternity lol) then thet let you use the washroom and then they do more things and you get to see your baby and get print outs.Slow breathing helps ;)
Thank you ladies for your advice and your stories :) I am so excited, well excited doesn't even explain how happy I am!! I can't wait until the 21st :)
I drank the 32oz. They told me it was just to see the bladder (for what reason I do not know). I got to pee after that, then we actually got to the ultrasound.

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