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I am 27 weeks is it normal to already be swelling? My hands and feet are killing me. Any way to help the swelling? Also is gaining 2 inches around the belly a month normal??

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I am just over 26 weeks and am having trouble with the swelling too.. it seems like the people on here were telling me to get ahold of the dr becuase too much swelling isnt a good thing.. idk my dr hasnt given me an exact answer yet should be going to see her tomorrow and will let you know. But i do know that if you eat too much sodium then it can cause swelling too.. good luck hun I know how you feel
Too much swelling could be a sign of preeclampsia which is high blood pressure only more extreme. Definite tell your dr about it and keep track of if it gets worse. Other signs of preeclampsia are: bad headaches, vision problems, and protein in the urine. It occurs from 20 weeks on but before 32 weeks is considered early onset. I hope this helps you and doesn't scare you. Some swelling is normal, I just wanted you to be aware so you could watch it. Good luck.
Some is normal, but if you are concerned talk to your doctor.  They may want to see you to make sure everything is okay.  They can also tell you ways to help reduce the swelling or ease the pains of it.  Hope you feel better soon!  :)
Started wearing tennis shoes seems to help a little bit more than just flip flops... Thanks everyone

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