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again with the swelling... Last weekend went to the movies with my husband and just sitting there made my feet swell bad! My blood pressure is fine. It has been fine every time the dr takes it... my hands dont get as bad but do swell... My feet cause me a lot of pain sometimes all I want to do is sit down a put them up but as a nanny I can not do this until nap time or after work... I go to the dr on the 8th so ill ask about it then but until then is there anything else I can do?? I also try to wear diabetic and tennis shoes or slippers and drink water where ever I am to help, any other adivce, or is it just normal? By the way I am 30 weeks on thursday.

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I've read that swelling is completley normal (I'm about the same time along as you are!)I havent gotten any swelling yet though.I've read though,that if your face starts to swell,and your hands and feet start to feel tingly,you should report to your doctor quickly.other than that,You shouldnt be working too hard. (I know being a nanny is hard work,I've been there!) You shouldnt spend too much time ON your feet,and you should spend too much time OFF your feet. and elevate your footsies when you can by putting a pillow under them.sorry I couldnt be more help.

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