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swelling of hands and feet??

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Ok this is my second pregnancy but it is soo much different then my first was.. I am 26 weeks pregnant with our son and I have been getting awful headaches and dizzyness over the past week to week and half. I had called the dr and they told me that I could take some rx that they were calling in to help with the headaches. But not my feet and hands are starting to swell as well. My feet have swelled off and on but never my hands.. I always wear a hair tie around my wrist just in case I need it and had to take it off becuase the swelling is bad enough that it was actually cutting into my wrist.. I mean I know that some swelling is ok since my fingers have swollen enough that I cant wear my rings but I am not sure if this is something that I shoudl be concerned about.. thanks for your opinions!!

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Call your dr. I'm not a medical professional but it sounds like pregnancy induced hypertension to me(high blood pressure) if that is the case it needs to be treated immediately. Hope this helps.
ok thanks.. unfortunatly the dr is out til monday now.. hmm if it gets any worse I know that we have an after hours clinic kinda like a redimed that I can go to this weekend.. I was thinking that it was more swelling then with my first pregnancy but I did go to the walmart and use their machine to check my bp.. and it was 130/78 is that really bad? I didnt think it was high enough to worry about but then again like you said I am not a medical professinal either lol thanks!!!
a normal person runs 120/80 so you are a little high but you are showing all signs of preeclampsia which left untreated can be life threatining to mother and child if you call your doctor im sure he will tell you to go to the hospital
Another sign of preeclampsia is vision problems (seeing spots or blurred vision). If you are having these symptoms I would go straight to the hospital. Like jeanie said it can be very fatal. Good luck and I'll be praying for you.

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