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Taking classes

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This will be my first child and my boyfriend's 3rd. I keep telling him of these classes I want to take at the hospital like breastfeeding and baby safety and even a class for what to expect during a c section. My boyfriend's response is that have classes for that? His ex didn't even tell anyone but him she was pregnant so taking pregnancy classes was diffidently not on the list of things to do. But I want to do all these things, and he seems to think it's stupid. He agreed to go to the baby safety because I want both of us to have our child/infant cpr before the baby is born. Are all men like this or just ones that already have kids?

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No, most (not all!) men are like that. If he won't go, don't feel wierd bringing a friend or family member. When I took prenatal classes with my first, there were a few girls that always had their friends with them. It's better to go by yourself or with somebody else, then not go at all because of your BF. Anything you can do to make yourself feel more comforable with your delivery and baby after is a good thing to do!
Sorry, meant to add, I strongly suggest the breastfeeding one! The number 1 reason women stop feeding early, or don't feed at all is because they get frustrated. It comes natural to some, but it is a learning process for both mom and baby, and the more you know the better. It is the best thing you can do for your baby.
When I told my husband about the classes I wanted to take, he was excited.  Granted, we are both going to be first time parents.
my boyfriend was excited about going to classes every week for breastfeeding and lamaze with our daughter.. she was both of our first child though so maybe its different if they already have kids. Although the breastfeeding classes gave me the confidence to be able to keep up with the nursing when we hit some difficult spots. They really were very beneficial to me in the long run, so I definitly definitly recommend those classes even if you need to go by yourself or maybe take your mom or someone else with you.
I want to take the breast feeding class, a class for c sections as it's likely i will have one, and baby safety. He is ok to go to all of them with me he just didn't know they did them. He said the nurse will show me how to breast feed and I said that they are only there for a couple seconds. It's better to take the class.

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