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tender breast, feeling sick, vomiting going on 3 weeks(pregnant?)

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I can't sleep at night wake up wonting to vomit, get light headed,smells are very strong, extra mood swings

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You have a long way to go, i'm olny 3 months and the vomiting just slowed down for me. I'm able to eat and drink. I also got very strong smell. It might be a smell thta make you sick to your stomach, like i can't stand to smell seafood. In the morning before you get out of bed eat some saltine crackers and drink water and then get out of bed.
if you are already taking your vitamins, you may want to switch when you take them.  it helped with my nausea the first time around.  your tender breast feeling will come and go and unfortunately the vomitting is all dependent on what this pregancy is like for you because it can be different every time.  Phillips336 had some good advice with the saltines and water.  Ginger ale or anything with ginger in it helps with the vomitting feeling and urge too.  it will all come and go and change as your pregnancy progresses - it's a balance of the hormones and your body adjusting to them.  :)To Phillips336 - congrats on making it to 3 months!!!  :)  Happy to hear it!
Thanks so much *lissiemel* Important tip to keep in mind is every preg is different.
Might want to try some of those "mommy pops" they are hard candies and sold in most 'mom/baby stores', i've heard they work great...ginger is a great natural way to soothe your tummy (lissiemel is right!)

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