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tender pain under my breasts,kind of where my ribs are

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I went to the hospital the other day thinking it was something serious,but the doctor told me (after telling me it was heart burn,which I got mad about) that it was the baby kicking around my ribs too much and playing there too much,and making it bruised and sensitive on the inside. on my right side,its the worst,and its even a bit swollen. just wondering if any of you have felt similar pains? and what the doctor said to you? because I'm having a bit of trouble believing that this is because of the baby...

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I don't know I just started feeling the same type of pain on my right side earlier today but I haven't talked to the Dr. yet it just hurts really bad.
that sucks! I wouldnt wish this pain on anyone! let me know what your doctor tells you...hope you feel better!
Sounds possible to me.  I know someone who has had their ribs broken from the inside due to baby kicking too much in one spot and too hard.  I know that when my little guy digs his head into the side of my stomach it hurts pretty badly because he'll stay thre for hours at a time.  Rubbing the spot and getting his head to move is the only relief from the pressure.  I would ask your doctor again though.  Hopefully your little one will move.  :)
yeah i had the same pain when i was pregnant with my daughter layla when i was 38 weeks they said it was where she was always moving around and kicking shes a really active baby but if your worried or the pain gets worse then you should ask your docter again
I got a second opinion today,and the answer was the same. I guess I just have a really strong baby!
I have heard of it in late pregancy but I am having the same thing and I am only 23 weeks so the baby should not even be that far up., thats my concern. How far along are you?
im 32 weeks

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