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terrible headaches??

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This is our second child and I am currently just over 27 weeks along and I have been getting terrible headaches.. They come from nowhere and are so intense that within a short time like 10 minutes they are turning into migraines.. I dont know what to do for them sometimes laying down in a dark room and resting for awhile seems to help some but I am curious as to if anyone else has had this problem and what you have done to help with it.. Since we have a 14 month old the laying down thing is nice but not really practical alot of the time.. and I am becoming desperate..

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TAlk to your doctor!!!  My cousin is about as far along as you and she's going through the same thing.  Her doctor prescribed her something that was safe for her and the baby.  :)
I too have been getting horrible headaches. I remember getting them with my first pregnancy but I feel like these start from my back go to the front of my head and then I feel sick. I have noticed eating heavy meals with lots of carbs have helped but have also been ok'ed that taking extra strength Tylenol is ok. It helps cut off a little bit of pain.
I am just 16 weeks and my headaches are unbearable as well. My doctor prescribed a low-dose pain medication (PROPOXY-N) and told me to take one as soon as I started to feel a headache coming along. They really work for me. I hope you find something that helps you as well!
I am 27 weeks along ans have been getting migraines thoughout the whole pregnancy. The reason that I get them is b/c of my low platelet count (76). I have thrombocytopenia. If you have had any recent blood work done, ask them what your count is, it could be the cause. The only thing that I am able to take for them is Tylenol.

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