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thank you everyone, but no baby for me. does this make any sense?

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blood test was negative. no baby. god must be mad at me to let me have positive tests and then weeks later everything come up negative. i never bled. what happened? someone explain this to me please? what happened? my doctor was a total ass. he laughed when i cried about the negative test....if anyone has any idea whats going on...? is something wrong with my body? is god punishing me? did i miscarry again or was it a false pregnancy or were the tests just wrong?

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I don't think God is mad at you. Everything He does is for a reason. There are alot of cases of false positives out there. I'm so sorry you are going through this honey. :( I don't know what to tell you as far as what happened. I hate that your doctor was such a jerk. That's just awful. Maybe you're too stressed about getting pregnant? If you focus on getting pregnant and stay uptight about it then it won't happen. Just try to relax and let nature take its course. Once again I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I'm always here if you ever need anyone. I will continue to pray for you sweetie. Good luck honey :)
The same thing happened to me once. I was so upset to get the news from the dr that I wasn't pregnant.  I got so excited when the at home test said yes and I was two weeks late on my period.  Reading your post just now made me cry bc I feel so bad knowing how you feel.  Keep your head up bc god may have a reason and at some point your baby will come!!! 
I will continue to pray for you as well. I am so sorry to hear that your doctor was so rude.. And as the others have said i am sure god has his reasons and i am sure he doesnt hate you. Just keep your head up, be strong, think positive and never give up <3 Sending hugs your way <3
Oh, sweetie.  I'm so sorry.  I was hoping so much that your blood test would come back positive.I agree, your doctor is an ass.  I would have broken his jaw for laughing at my being upset.
I'm not trying to give you false hope or anything but I went to the doctor and told them I was late and that I felt pregnant they did a blood test on me and it came back nagitive. I went on with my life no peroid for three months and my little sister was making fun of me saying I was pregnant and i told her nope all the test say so and just to prove her wrong I took a pregnancy test. It came back so positive I'm sure anyone could have seen it. Went back to the doctor and here I am 5 months pregnant. Nothing is ever 100%.
thank you all, really so much. for all of the support, i'm so glad i found this site because you women are amazing. and HyperHeath i'm sorry my post hit so close to home for you, thank you for sharing that with me, it makes me realize i am not alone. i'm trying to focus on making fun birthday plans for tomorrow and not worrying about the negative blood test. hopefully around the 24th, the day my first son died, i will be able to distract myself as those aniverserys  aren't so easy to face yet. but again thank you all of you. and kaorie that is crazy, i'm so happy for you that you ended up being pregnant after all! thats amazing! i hope the same happens for me, but if not, thats okay. i'm honestly not really in the best position because theres nobody to be the baby's dad, but if i am after all by some miracle i will be so happy and take the best care of my baby i can. and mommyofzoo i will definately relax, i'm sure you're right, God has his reasons and he loves my future baby and wants to give it to me when its his will to do so. thank you ALL ladies for your prayers and high hopes, better luck next time i guess. and good luck to all of you(:

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