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Is there anything I can do for re-occuring migraines?

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They've been so bad that I've pretty much been in tears from the pain while simultaneously heaving up my stomach contents...I have a doc. appt this Thurs...but was hoping to try and find some relief before then, this last one has been inflicting itself on me for 2 days straight now.

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I don't know i've been asking te same question... I lay down in a dark room with air conditoinar and put a cold wet rag over my head or even behind my helps and then i sleep alot... but hopefully you get your question answered because i kno how bad these migranes get :(
Talk to your doctor.  They can actually prescribe you something for it.  My cousin is 14 weeks and gets them really bad so her doctor gave her something that was safe for her and the baby and it has helped a lot!!!
I dont get Migraines but i do get headaches. and before pregnancy, i never really got them but their making me sick already. Have you tried tylenol? i heard thats safe to take during pregnancy. Good luck on thursday, i hope ur doctors helpful and all.

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