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They say caffine is not good while pregnant... i mean really how bad is it cuz boy do i miss coffee!!!

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They say not to drink more than two cups of regular brewed coffee a day. (remember plain brewed coffee has more caffeine than espresso coffee) As I think of it, everything is okay as long as its in moderation. So don't go out and grab yourself an extra large drip coffee twice a day every day! But a cup every once in a while won't make you a horrible mother to be! Trust me every now and again you will need the pick me up!
I agree.  Moderation is the key.  Hold out as long as you are able, but treat yourself, too.  Just don't binge.
My issue was with soda... i love my COKE - caffeine none-the-less.  My dr. said it was perfectly fine to have A caffinated beverage a day (as in one).  I did however decide to be good and still enjoy my soda... i went to those little mini-cokes that they sell at the grocery store.  They are half the size of a regular can and my body and brain still get the taste so i don't feel like i'm deprived, nor do i feel like i'm harming my baby.
You can have 150-300 mg of caffiene a day during your pregnancy. If you drink more than 300mg of caffiene a day during your first trimester it puts you more at risk for having a misscarriage. There is around 40mg of caffiene in a diet coke. I know this because I looked it up. I am 7 weeks along and can't live without my diet coke. If I only have one I don't feel deprived and it is still considered safe.
I have had migranes EVERYDAY since I was 11 weeks pregnant. And was desperate to try any home remidy without taking medication everyday. Before I got pregnant, I was never a caffeine drinker, but if I have a cup of coffee every morning, I don't get a headache. My doc says you can have like 2 cups a day. I don't miss my morning cup.

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