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they say with your second pregnancy, you can start showing very early. my belly popped out at 7 weeks! anyone else?

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Yes..Im having my third and I popped out early too!
I couldn't fit my skinny jeans a week after only six weeks, and my fat pants were my skinny pants by 10 weeks. I started showing - to those who see me frequently - around 11 weeks, and perfect strangers started giving me knowing glances or asking when I'm due or congratulating me and asking how far along I am at around 12 1/2 - 13 weeks. I didn't even notice the change when I was pregnant with my first until almost 16 weeks - although I did "grow out of" my pre-pregnancy pants around 12-13 weeks. Now I'm 15 weeks and reduced to maternity and sweat pants, or scrubs. Even my "I'll never be that fat again" non-pregnant jeans are too tight.
Yes!  And even sooner now that I'm on my third pregnancy!  It's crazy.  My first pregnancy I didn't start showing until like my 5th or 6th month, but with my second and third, I swear I started showing the second we told everyone I was pregnant.  
glad i'm not the only one! we had to go ahead and tell people that i was pregnant; it was too obvious to pretend otherwise. on a related note, can i just tell you how much i love maternity tights this winter?!
wow my belly is not the only one, thats great news. I am 20 weeks and look like i am ready to go any day now, i am like OMG! this is my second and i am super  super huge!!!!
oh thank God i'm not the only one!!!! phew!!!! i'm only 9 weeks and i look like 3 months my husband tells me that am just greedy but i've been trying to eat healthy and couldn't stop my stomach from growing so much!! :(

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