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Thirsty All The Time!!

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I have to keep a bottle of water next to my bed everynight.. Its like I get so dehydrated... I'm only 11 weeks prego.. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

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I stay thirsty too. I can't really tell you for sure but I assume it's because our bodies need more of everything while we are pregnant to sustain the baby.
It's normal.  My healthcare provider said I should be drinking at least 64 oz of water/fluids a day.  They sent me this big 32 oz cup so I know to drink at least 2 of those.  If you are drinking less than that you will be thirstier.  Your thirst will slack off as you get further along.  I have 2 cousins who are pregnant with me as well....we are all between 2-4 weeks apart from each other.  We were all complaining at the same time between 10-12 weeks about being so thirsty.  Try something like pink lemonade it helps to quench your thirst.  Limit your gatorades because of the sodium (electrolyte) intake.  Some days you will just be thirstier than others, but it does get better.

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