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ok so yesterday at work i cleaned the house i work at so good!!! Put all the kids toys away where they belong thru away all the trash they put in the toy areas and lots more, I spent rs doing this!!!! I get here this morning and its TRASHED!!!!! IDK what to do! I want to tell the mom to please only let the kids play with a few things at once then make them put them away where they belong! I know she is going to expect me to clean it up again! But this happens every time!! Im tired of her not controling her kids! They do it just fine for me! I dont have a problem with them playing at all, but wth me they always put it way where they got it from! How can I ask her?? Or should i lave it alone?

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i wouldnt say anything..esp because they decided to let u take ur son there once hes born..u dnt want them to be like" well if u cant deal with it now how are u going to with a newborn baby here" ya know? i would just suck it up (even though i know its hard) im ina similar situation..i do homecare and everyweek this womens son satays with her and everytime i get there theres a ton of dishes, that h dirtied! i dnt mind cleaning up after my patient but not her lazy i would just leave it alone..if u do say somehting though let me know what happens
Thing is if the dad was here... they would have NEVER gotten away with that at all! but your right id rather not do anything to make her rethink about me bringing him thanks
Sounds like your a good nanny that cares! My sister has had the worst luck with baby sitters and nannys!  The girlt hat watches her kids now is very laid back...a little too laid back.  She let the kids play "bank" with the wii.  It ended up filled with change inside along with a broken DVD.  Anyways about your makes me upset that your just expected to clean up a mess that was left after you cleaned and your pregnant.  I see where you would feel really upset about this!
man that sucks... the little boy i watch has a wii, i would get in trouble if they did that lol... he did break his ds twice and lost it once so i had to buy him a new one =( I ended up just picking up the mess cause the little girl who is 3 wouldnt listen to me... so time out and she wasnt aloud to play with those toys that i picked up lol... Dont want you guys to think im mean... I did of course let her play just not with certain things... lol.. I try to be a good nanny, last week we made spooky halloween mask, pumpkins, magnets, and choc. suckers lol... its not that i dont like the kids, they can be great, its just the parents lol
sry i am complaining a lot.... its been a hard week... in 3 days ive worked over 40 hrs, im a little tired.. forgive me =)
is the cleaning part of the job duties you signed up for ? If not then I wopuld tell the mom that you dont mind doing the extra work if she needs that if you are compensated for it.. if not in your job duties then maybe sit down with the mom and visit what exactly she expects from you so you are both on the same page and that may be the time to bring up your concern of her not helping you.. I'm  sure she will appreciate how hard it can be to find someone who is good with her childrenand respect you as an employe
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