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Tips for getting schedule down with new baby?

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I know this is early, but it is something I have been worrying about for a month. My husband is just finishing his Masters and has accepted a job for next fall in a town that is 90 miles away from our home. This is a great opportunity for us and our little family, but there are some issues. We just bought a home a year and a half ago and because of the first-time home buyer's credit, we have to keep our home for another year and a half or pay back the credit. In this economy, it doesn't seem likely that we will be able to sell our home, so my husband will be at least 90 miles away during the week and I will be working full-time, with a new baby. Does anyone have any tips for coming up with a schedule after the baby arrives and after my husband leaves for his new job? I'm due the first part of May and my husband won't be leaving until August-September, so we will have a few months. I'm just worried about how things will go after he is gone. I don't have much family in the area and I have fewer friends I can rely on. Thanks!

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Feed your baby on a schedule and not on demand. That works really well for me to not have to feed a baby all day long but just every 3-4 hrs.  Also wake your baby up during the day to eat so no meals are missed and at night let the baby sleep until he/she wakes up to eat.  This will help you plan your mornings to get ready for work if you know that at 5am the baby eats and by 5:30am you can get ready for work.  Keep night time routines the same each night. Say a warm bath at 7pm followed by some special time with you and then a bottle and bed.  It can be common for an infant to start to sleep 10pm-5am or something like that around 6 weeks old (for some not all) This is stuff that helped me so I hope it works for you!!

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