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today i be 12 weeks and 1 day so happy that my baby is growin fine and iam geting big...

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today i heard my baby heartbet and it was 150 is that good for my baby.. and i need help for baby names..

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for baby names; maybe sky, or sunny? try getting ur hands on a baby book and writedown what baby names intrest u most then decide from there! and the heart beat i would ask the dr or nurse, cause they know better than anyone who could give u an answer and its professional! so dont be shy!
140-145 is average I believe. It should be between 110 and 180. Sounds like your baby is at a good rate.
heres some names .sarina.nita.alyna.juliet.hannah
Is there anybody in your life that really affected you?  Favorite authors or poems?  If my husband and I have a little girl we're naming her for his mother.  She was an incredible woman.  If we have a son we're giving him a strong bible name because we know this was God's doing.  Anybody can tell you what to call your child but in the end it has to have meaning to you.  Find inspiration from your life.

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