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Toddler Sleeping

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A few months ago when my 2-year old was sick, I rubbed her back until she felt asleep. Ever since, I have to sit on the floor in her room until she falls asleep. How do I break this habit? If I even suggest that I'm going downstairs and she needs to fall asleep on her own, she starts a complete melt down and gets so worked up that she all but makes herself sick. I would love some advice.

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I will give you the best advice that I possibly can  in this situation. Either you let her cry it out and she gets over it and begins to fall asleep on her own again or you just do it.  Honestly I believe she is afraid that she is going to get sick again and while she was sick she felt comfort with you being there rubbing her back.  She is just scared and right now she needs you. Eventually she will get over this.
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