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Took test, it was positive but still have period, what should i do?

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My tests gave me a positive twice. (not very clear but it was there). I can no longer sleep on my stomach because its uncomfortable. I use the restroom more frequent and my stomach is hard. Along with larger breasts, nausea, acid reflux, and cravings.

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Lots of women still get what appears to be a period when they are pregnant. It's not likely that you would get a BFP twice if you weren't pregnant (though i have heard it isn't impossible). Have you contacted your doctor to get a blood test? That will be the most accurate way to know if you are indeed pregnant.
I havent gone yet I've been trying to get my husband to go because i dont want to go alone. but I took the test about 2 months ago and my "periods" since have been very light and short and my stomach has grown and its very rounded.
It is very possible to continue having your menstrual cycle while pregnant but I would advise you still go see your doctor for bloodwork. While a false positive is pretty rare (and rarer for two), you should double check, just in case.Plus, if you are pregnant, you should start your prenatal care!
I got two false positives on home pregnancy test (the kind with the plus and minus). I tested on the day after my period was supposed to start then a couple days after that.  It gave me positive results each time but I wasn't actually pregnant. So it can happen.You should definitely contact your doctor if you continue to have periods and you think you are pregnant.  It could mean that your baby is in distress.  Plus you shouldn't go this long without care.  If you got a positive test two months ago that means you are nearly 3 months pregnant!  At this point if you take an in home test again, it should be very accurate.  I used a digital test and it actually worked.  It was more expensive but it gave me accurate results unlike the cheap +/- kind.
i used the the first response tests, just 2 straight lines and i always have done it either the day my period was suppose to start or after and thats when i got the positives.I have been taking prenatal vitamins, just need to get on a sched. with them. I want my baby to be healthy!Going to attemp to get my husband to go with me tomorrow to doctors, pray for good news!!

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