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Totally nauseous... Does it mean it's a boy??

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I am only 8 weeks have been really really nauseous and it lasts ALL DAY LONG!!!! A few people have been telling me that it'll end up being a boy bc I stay nauseated.. Anyone else agree to this??

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You can take this test called INTELLIGENDER:)) its really cool and highly accurate, it will give you an idea. Your 16-20 week ultrasound will tell you for sure. Going based on sickness is not definite your body reacts differently during pregnancy than other peoples. You could get sick with girls and feel fabulous with boys. Hope this helped. Good luck:))
I've been told that it means two things: 1) you're baby is going to have a full set of hair, or 2) you're having a girl.  So far with my first pregnancy I had a little girl and she had a full set of hair.  Now in my second pregnancy I am having another girl and I can honestly say that with both pregnancies I've been so sick-nauseous, that I had to go to the ER for being too dehydrated.  I was hoping that I would have a boy but several of my friends said that they didn't even get morning sickness with their little boys and this includes my sister in law who had a daughter first that she was really sick with and then a son who she just got exausted with.  Hope this helps.
I'm on my 3rd boy.  Both of my 2 previous hardly had any hair and I had morning sickness with all three.  With this little man I had morning sickness (all day sickness in my case) until I was about 15 or 16 weeks pregnant and still get sick now at 26 weeks depending on how I'm feeling that day.  I don't think you can judge gender on your morning sickness, the position of your belly or spinning the ring on the string trick.  I've carried all three of mine differently, had different lengths and degrees of morning sickness and they are all the same sex.  Best advice, don't stress about the sex you'll find out about 18 weeks.  :)
I'm pregnant with a boy and I had no morning sickness at all!
My sister had a girl a couple of months ago & she wasn't sick throughout her whole pregnancy.What's with the website? It's on every question.
Any time you see spam on a post, flag it. Its the only way to get rid of it.(And no, I had 24/7 sickness with my daughter).
I'm working on my 3rd girl and I have 1 boy. With all my girls I've been sick the whole time. It wasn't this way with my boy though. Its different for everyone though. I hope you get to feeling better :) Good luck!
Anything with ginger in it really helps with the nausea by the way.  Ginger ale especially!  :)
Thank you all :)  Well then, maybe it'll be a girl? haha

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