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Traveling With Toddlers

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I'm going on a trip with my twins, they are 18months old. The trip starts with a 6hr plane trip, with one stop and then a 4hr car ride. My children have been on a plane, but they were only 4mos old and slept the entire time, and the longest car trip they've been on is 30minutes, so I'm concerned. My son is pretty laid back, but my daughter can get restless quickly. The plane ride we will not have car seats, so my mother and I will be holding them the entire flight. I need all the creative tips and advice to make this trip as smooth as possible.

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I've never been on a plane trip with my daughter but i've been on plenty of car trips and the best advice that I have is to plan to to make stops if you can. Just so that the kids can get out and they won't be so frustrated in the car for so long. My daughter is 3 and she's pretty good in the car but she still gets cranky if she's just sitting there for too long. Also take toys, snacks, a portable DVD player/DVDs and CDs to keep them entertained if you can. Hope this helps.
Toys, books, snacks. If they still use pacifiers you definitely want those handy because of the change in altitude.  It can really hurt their ears because they don't know how to pop them like adults.  If they don't use a paci, have your sippy cups or bottles whatever handy so they can use a sucking motion to prevent that ear ache that will come with taking off and landing.  We flew with our 1st baby around the same time and he was so facinated by everything around him and looking out the window that he was a breeze.  I could tell the guy behind us thought he would be trouble, but really it wasn't that bad.  If you know your little girl is restless, take her favorite distractions.  Get up and let them walk to the bathroom to stretch their legs.  Tylenol also helps with their inflight discomforts. 

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