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trouble in our relationship...

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Me and my fiance were together 4 years ago and we had to break up after a few months because i moved but when i moved back into the area we found each other on facebook and it was just like old felt like we had fallen in love all over agian and so we stayed together and when we found out i was pregnant after only 3 months of being together we decided to stay together thru the whole thing...well for about the last month we have been fighting more and more. im trying to make it work for our baby but i grew up in a unhappy house and thats not what i want for our baby...everyone says to talk about it and we do but it just starts a fight and when we are around people we act like nothing is wrong but when we are alone we hardly stay in the same room to watch tv anymore....i recently went to the movies with my friend and she had invited a few guys along and one of the guys was so sweet and he calls me now and says he will wait for me to make my decition about if i want to stay with my fiance or take a break and see how things go...he knows we are strictly friends and if we ever become anything it will be in the far future and hes okay with that...i feel bad about talking to him but he makes me feel like im special and makes me feel things i aint felt since before me and my fiance got together...iv been trying to work on mine n my fiances relationship but it seems its just getting harder to be around him but i dont wanna make a rash decition i will regret in the future when matthew get here...should i wait longer to see how me and my fiance work out till after matthew is born cuz my emotions will be more in synce or what...? please help....

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I know from experience, it's very hard to work on a difficult relationship when you have a new interest around. If you're seriously considering working out the relationship with your child's father, I'd encourage you to discontinue communication between the new guy. If you can't find better support elsewhere, get a journal.Furthermore, no relationship is perfect. If I were in your shoes, I'd seriously communicate to my partner what we're doing with our relationship; my/his expectation; and what's adjustments need to be made. You may need to begin to make preparations in case you have to raise your baby in a single parent household. In the meantime, don't make any rushed decisions until you have stability elsewhere.
I agree that its hard to work on a bad relationship when you have someone to run to. I also understand growing up in an unhappy house and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I would take some time where you don't talk to the new guy and see if things can be better between you and your fiance. If it doesn't work and you have somewhere you can go I would take some time without talking to either of them. I wouldn't stay in a bad relationship just because you are having a child with him. You can be parents without being together. Good luck sweetie :)
i agree dont rush on youre decision think more ..try to talk to him and tell him about what you feel and ask him what he feel for you and for the baby .the important is youre both happiness but it is not so easy for you bec. you have a baby soon and its not good for the baby if theirs no love on both parents to him ask him is he still happy on you if its not set him free just try to focus on youre kid bec, thats a great blessing from god

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