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Trying to find a middle name for Abby please help...

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I have decided to name my daughter Abbygail Rose however in the beginning I wanted to name her after her grandmothers and name her Elilliana Marie. My mom said no but my husband's mom got all excited. I do not like the idea of naming my daughter Abbygail Marie or Abbygail Mary but I do not want to dissapoint my MIL. So my sister suggested Abbygail Rosemary or Abbygail Rosemarie what do you think?

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i think its a beautiful name
I like Abbygail Rosemary.  That is very pretty and not so common.   Plus Rosemary sounds like an older name and I am a sucker for the older classic names!  ;)
Oh I like Abbygail Rosemarie.  It has a very pretty ring to it.  It's a name that she can grow with.  :)
I think they are pretty names but you have to remember they are long! lol. This is the name she's going to have to learn how to write. If you have a long last name then that would be 3 really long names, kinda like torture. But I really like the names, all 4 that you mentioned. I hate that your mom balked on what you wanted to name her. I have a mom like that so I tell her things like I'm naming the baby Athena if it's a girl, just to watch her try to convince me not to. In the end the thing to remember is that its up to you and its about what you like and what fits her. Good luck to you sweetie and remember to make yourself happy while you're making everyone else happy! :)

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