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trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

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I miscarried in may after a month of trying then 6 weeks later I miscarried in May. It was tough but shortly after my husband and I decided to try again. The doctor says there should be no reason that we are having trouble getting pregnant. I started to get regular period a month afterwards and we both take multi-vitamins. I know that it's only been a few months but it's bugging me because my family keeps asking when we are going to get pregnant. My family is very fertile and seem to get pregnant by just looking at their signifact other. My husband' family has a few family members that have trouble getting pregnant. We have sex every day not to get pregnant but because it's fun and we love each other. Is it normal for it to take a while to get pregnant again after a miscarriage? Any tip on what we can try to help our chances?

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Hi Dannybee19.  Your doctor is right.  Your family, in my opinion and please don't take this the wrong way, are rude for asking.  It may be well intentioned.After you and your hubby have sex, try tilting your hips up for 15 mins or propping them up on a pillow so his little swimmers will meet your egg sooner. ;)
I heard the best position for getting pregnant is guy on top with your legs on his shoulders( plus its really fun too lol). I also heard that people who have sex everyday take skightly longer to get pregnant than those who don't everyday. I'm sorry to hear you had a miscarriage and I hope all goes well. Good luck sweetie. :)
I have also heard that if you are having sex everyday then it can take longer to get pregnant.. not sure exactly why that is maybe it reduces the number of sperm everytime idk but I would say to try maybe every other day and see if that helps at all.. and try the guy on top position for sure =)
try a fertility monitor to see what days u r fetile the most..u can have sex everyday but thats not going to make u get pregnant sooner..there only a few days out of the month that ur egg drops and u r able to get pregnant..i believe its 14 days after the first day of ur period..but try the fertility montor and eat healthy..and as for ur fam tell them that i will happen when it happens and not to bug u and make u feel bad..i know how i feel, i had a misscarraige last august but im prego now and everthings good..also the doctor told me to wait atleast 3 periods before we tried again because ur body needs to heal. hope this helps
I had a miscarriage, then delivered my second baby at 24 weeks when he only lived eight days.  Three months later, i was prego with my now 6 y/o daughter.  I am again prego but i always would after sex lay flat on my back with my legs propped straight up on a wall for twenty minutes.  Twice in a row, worked like a charm.  Im sorry for your loss, good luck and God bless
I know that if you and your husband take vitamin E everyday that you will be pregnant n no time. Me and my fiance started taking them in December and I was pregnant by March and I'm due in December. We also would have sex everyday to increase our chances, I don't know if one of those or both combined is better but I would almost swear by the vitamin E because my cousin tried it as well after years of not conceiving and after only taking the vitamins for 3 months she was pregnant and now has a beautiful baby girl!!! Good Luck!
Sex everyday can lower sperm count and strength I heard. Try 3 times a week instead like say Monday Wednesday Friday. So you cover your most fertile days with strong healthy sperm.:)
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