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Trying to make him believe..

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Ok, My fiance and I have been trying to conceive for quite awhile. We both really want a child and lately it's been stressing him more and more that we can't seem to get pregnant. We had sex during my prime ovulation days, and literally within the next couple days I felt a difference. I have had horrible headaches, nausea, my breasts are so unbelievably sore, and then yesterday (about 6 days earlier than expected) I starting spotting. It was only for an hour if that and was very light and a pale pink color. I have never (in ten years of having them) gotten my period early or experienced spotting. it sounds silly, but I just know. It's too early to tell by either blood or urine tests (I've already consulted with my doctor), but I just don't want him to give up or get frustrated as it is causing a strain in our relationship. Any advice?

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I know you're stressed and it's something you really want, but it shouldn't be your main focus all of the time. Especially in the mind of a guy, it's a little different for them. A lot of couples get stuck in the whole "sex is a chore" or "sex for a baby" mindset and it's a total mood killer and can make a relationship fizzle quick. So wait out your results for the month and if they happen to be negative, maybe take a couple months off, re-focus yourselves and do some things just for you all and your relationship. Then start back up again and it may be just what you all needed to get things going.Remember, it's completely the norm to take upwards of at least 12 months for a healthy couple to conceive. Stress makes it longer and other things play in as well (ages, environment, diet, health). So give yourselves at least that before exploring other options.
I agree with the other poster.  Stress will not help at all.  Stop trying to try.  My husband and I just have sex all the time because we love eachother and it's FUN.  LOL.  What we say is if we get pregnant that's great.  If not then we'll just keep having fun.  That way it's not putting too much strain on the relationship if we don't concieve we just say if it wasnt meant to be.  You two definitely need to take some time to relax and to remember why you want to have a baby in the first place.  Are you seeing a fertility specialist?  There are things you can do to increase your chances like having him wear boxers instead of briefs and making sure your home isn't too hot, not to mention diet and exercise.
Stop trying! My husband and I were trying for a baby for about six months and it never happened. We quit trying and I got pregnant. The same thing happened to my parents. Stop making it the main focus and it will eventually happen on its own. I understand the wanting a baby part. My husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy(now 9 months) and we have another on the way and we didn't try with either one. Just relax and it will normally happen faster.
I'm def. going to try to relax. Thank you for all the advice! We're aren't seeing a pecialist or anything, but maybe that's a good step to take after trying a couple more months. Fingers crossed. I keep telling him every day I don't start is a good day, so we're kind of holding on to that right now too. :)

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