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UGh for some reason i HATE taking my prenatal vitamins..

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I try to take them as often as I can but still hesitate. I'm 10 weeks and I know that all the necessary vitamins are essential but its something I just can't get used to doing every night! Any advice?? I'll go take one right now :S

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Yup, it was hard for me to get used to also!  But when you starting thinking about that little person growing inside of you, it's like the first steps is taking care of them!  I would take the vitamins in the am, w/ breakfast.  Usually they sit better in my stomach that way, and if i forget, i still have lunch time to make up for it.  A lot of times i end up getting a little energy boost from them too.
I was really sick in my first trimester. I hated the taste of any vitamins!!  I couldn't stand to take them either. I talked to my doctor and he gave me a different one, it was better than the first (which I bought over the counter Womens One a day Prenatal Plus DHA) The first one the Doc gave me was Concept OB, it was ok for the first month, but then I started to not like the taste and stopped taking it. So I told my Doc and he gave me Select-OB plus DHA. I can't say enough about this one!  It tastes like the flintstone vitamins and is CHEWABLE!!  I look forward to taking this one everyday and wish I could take more than one they are so good!!  In any case, there are so many pre-natal vitamins out there. Don't be shy and talk to your doc, I'm sure they will want to help find something you will want to take.  Good Luck!!  Danielle    (5 1/2 months)
aw thanks guyss.. yea im taking the Womens One a day too and i dont like them :S  if i take them in the morning i start burping a fishy smell and it makes me nauseous.but i will def talk to my doc about it. I wouldnt mind chewable delicious ones :D
You can also just take the Flinstone vitamins instead of an actual prenatal. I take one in the morning and one in the evening. I still have morning sickness and the actual prenatals made the nausea worse!!
Im 17 weeks now and in my first trimester; prenatals made me throw up like crazy! But my doctor told me to get Fred Flinstones chewables and take one a day. They have all the essential things the baby needs and plus their good for Mommy! :) So you should just buy some of those from the Dollar store or somewhere and just take those Until you are 4 Months or so... GooD LucK!
I hate them! The sickness and the taste of the vitamins not a good mix!!

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