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unusual baby movements

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hi! im 27 weeks, and my baby has been moving a lot for the past hour, se has never moved like this before, im it normal?

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It's normal, don't worry. You can expect to feel alot more of this in the weeks to come also! I am 33 weeks and he is like Mr Wiggle Worm in my belly! But he started with the real strong movements somewhere around 27wks, you just feel alot more because ur baby is running out of room in there!
you will start to feel alot of movement and also the baby sleep pattern may have changed
you will start to feel alot of movement and also the baby sleep pattern may have changed
Thank you both! I was kind of worried because it was a really unusual movement, she normally moves a lot, but yesterday it was so fast and she wouldn't stop... i dont know if maybe it was something i ate...but thanks for your comments!!
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