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Unwanted baby shower guest.. Help..

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This girl i went to high school with(I'm 19) Invited herself to my baby shower via Facebook, I had my mom change the settings to invite only, i don't want her at my shower she treated me like crap, spread rumors, you know the type.. So how do i uninvite her.. She's friends with my cousin and i don't want my cousin to bring her or anyone else i don't want there, it's my shower so i have the right to do this right??

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Tell your cousin that you don't like the girl or tell her that you only want the people who are invited to go because there is not enough food for everyone(some doumb exscuse). I mean it's your baby shower and you have a right to say who is invited and who's not. There were plenty of girls in life that I don't like and if one of them were to show up at my baby shower it would just ruin it for me. I mean my husband asked me if I wanted to invite his manager who I don't like because he was inviting other people from work and I told him straight up no. I mean I know this chick likes my husband or something and he does not like her back because she is way older than him and she's rude but I mean I don't want this chick around me or my family and if he has to deal with her at work than that's fine but I don't want her anywhere near us other than that. So I mean I know what you're talking about there are some people I just can't stand and if they show up to my baby shower I would ask someone to escort them out because the party is for me, my family and friends, and future baby and no one is going to ruin it for me.
Thanks so much :)
Yes, you have the right to invite whoever you want, after all it's your shower, not your cousin's, friends, relatives...but yours. Simply tell your cousin that it's invite only, so those who were not invited, cannot attend. The last thing you want is to be there on that day, and be miserable because of that girl. You should be enjoying that day with your loved ones.
Tell your cousin not to bring her.  If the girl shows up, call the police.
Well I personally think you should just tell your cousin  you wouldnt feel comfortable with the girl  coming their because of some pass incidents that had happen....that shouldnt be so hard to understand....After all she is your cousin (FAMILY)....That is your day and you shouldnt feel uncomportable in any shape or form on YOUR special day....
Thanks Ladies, this was really helpful :)

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