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Wanting another already!......

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My 2 girls are 10 months apart 16 months and 6 months. The issue is I want to have another..........I REALLLY wanted to have a boy the 2nd time around but I had my daughter. Well now that my hubby's brother is having a son now I feel depressed and that I let down my hubby by not giving him a son. Also it dosen't help everyone I know is having boys! I know its too soon and I also have an IUD in, but I still want to have another baby..I miss the feeling being pregnant. So the question is this normal and has anyone else experienced this?

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First of all not having a son isn't your fault. Technically its your husbands fault his sperm hasn't had the right chromosomes to have a boy. I had experienced the missing being pregnant part right after my son was born. Now he's 9 1/2 months and I'm 25 weeks pregnant with our second. Us, does your husband feel the same way about not having a son? He may be happy with his two girls.
I think it's really hard to adjust to not being pregnant anymore because it's such a wonderful feeling and we stay pregnant for nearly a year! It is definitely not your fault that you didn't have a boy. You should tell your husband you feel like you let him down. My husband didn't want a boy (how strange is that?) he prefers girls. I also went through wanting to have another one around the 6 month mark. That's when your baby starts getting some independence to them. they can sit up and play and don't need you to carry them around all the time. It's hard. I think the worst thing about being a mother is it makes you feel needed, then your kids get big and don't need you any more. If you really want a baby talk to your husband and see if he's ready to have another also. If so go to the dr and have them take your IUD out. Good luck. :)
I felt this way as well.. I missed being pregnant and even the baby belly after I had had our daughter. I would definitly talk to your husband about the way that you are feeling though, you never know he may agree that he is really for a third baby then again he may be happy for atleast the time being with his little girls. But dont beat yourself up about not having a boy, technically it is the father who decided the sex of the baby but not all guys want little boys.. my boyfriend was thrilled when we found out we were having a girl with our first pregnancy he had been actually rooting for a girl all along and it was me that thought a boy lol.. and just look at it as your little girls are only 10 months apart they will be the best of friends and be able to share their interests as they grow since they are so close in age.. I am kind of jealous we are currently 27 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and I was really wanting another girl since they would be about 18 months apart but we are having a boy and I am ok with that now they will just be into completely different things as they grow =)
It's actually your husband's fault if he doesn't have a son.  The sperm decide the sex of the baby, not the egg.
thanks everyone to know Im not the only one that feels like this. And yes I know its the male who determines the sex, its just difficult knowing I may never get a son and that he does want a boy to take hunting, play in the dirt with, ect.. But only time will tell

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