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Wat shud i get more of!!????

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Ok... This is my{our} 1st child, i hve sum ppl telln me not 2 get alot of newborn or 0-3mnth clothes cuz da baby will grow so fast!!! But i wanna kno 4rm the experiencd mothers wat ta really do!!!? Im hvn 2 baby showers so im kinda ify on wat shud i really get ya kno... My hubby side of fam is doin one da 1st week of Jan n my mother n fam will b doin 1 in da 3rd week of Jan{due Feb.19th}... As of 2day we hve exactly 32 outfits 4 our baby girl(0-3)... Shud we stop ther n go 2 nxt size!!!?? Wat shud i exect at baby shower!?!

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i wuld buy more outfits ina  bigger size..thats alot of 0-3 months clothes and just wash em if u need em..did u register any where for ur baby shower? make sure u have the essentials . ya know the crib changing table, high chair ect.. things liike that and stock up on diapers , wipes, and formula..since those are expensive
32 outfits in newborn size?  That's a bit much, in my opinion.  I think you only need 11 or so little outfits for newborn to 3 months, that way you're not doing laundry every day.  Is there any way you can take back some of those outfits and exchange them for a larger size?  It's always a good idea to keep larger sizes around (3-6 mo) just in case your little one is a larger baby and 0-3 would be too large on her.Make sure you're reigstered somewhere and make sure you get a crib, a change table, a rocking chair or comfortable chair so you can feed her, a high chair, a baby bathtub, diapers, and forumal if you're going to formula feed. Or if you're going to breastfeed, get a pump.  I did my research on pumps, and I got the Medela MiniElectric.  It can be both an electric and manual pump.  It's right for me, it may not be right for you.Good luck!
I agree dont spend the money to buy anymore of the little sizes of clothing... we only used the newborn clothing for maybe 2 weeks with our daughter and then went into the 0-3 onth sizes.. so only get a few and then you can use them over and over you can always buy more closer to then if you need more then. I personally would wait until after the baby showers and buy more things then because atleast we got the majority of the big things for the showers and then we didnt have to buy alot of it... just a suggestion good luck =)
Wait after the baby shower, that way you will eliminate duplication. Don't buy too much clothes, babies grow up real fast. Stock up on diaper, baby wipes, burp cloth or cloth diapers, and anti rash creams. :)

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