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water birth

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I was thinking about having a water birth this time i'm currently 31 weeks and 4 days along can anybody give me the inside on water birth? Can u have an epidural with waterbirth

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I loved my Midwife attended home waterbirth with my son born in Jan. I have 3 Daughters all born in hospital and all with epidurals. I educated myself on what to expect, there was pain but no suffering, and between contractions it was nice to relax in the warm soothing water. If you plan to have a hospital birth make sure they allow waterbirth and find out if you need to rent a birth tub and which ones they allow. If you are at home you can use your bath but I highly recommend the AQUA DOLUA birthing tub! You can rent them online but you are getting close to  your due date so you better act fast!Hope this helps~Happy Birthing~Peace on Earth begins at Birth~
As far as I know, epidurals make your leg muscles quit working so you can't walk.  I'm not sure how you'd get into the birthing tub unable to walk...
i was thinking about a water birth to im 24 weeks

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