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We are considering cloth diapers and the options are overwhelming. Any suggestions?

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I suggest really researching all the options, check parent reviews too! I found feedback on lots of different sites (including on and that helped a ton! Try searching for cloth diapers and you'll come up with tons of sites to check out. We haven't used the diapers yet, but I purchased bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers for our 2nd baby, edd 12/21.I really think there are a ton of options and they all look like great ones, but you'll want to find what you think will work best for you & your baby. Good luck!!
I use prefolds and covers, and always suggest that first time cloth diapering Moms try those first because they're cheaper than other systems and just as easy to use.  Prefolds are cotton diapers that you fold and then sit inside a waterproof, PUL cover that closes with velcro tabs.  That's it! All in Ones are kinda like a reusable disposable, but the downside is they take AGES to try and cost a lot of $$$ for a full stash. Pockets are a cover with a diaper that is stuffed inside, but again, they take longer to try and it can be a hassle to stuff the pocket.I use the Real Nappies USA prefolds and covers and and also have Econobum (which I think have too many snaps) and Thirsties (which I've had leakage issues with).  I have about 6 covers and 18 diapers in my stash and wash them every 2nd day. Take a look at the bundle packs on  They're perfect for first time cloth diaperers because you don't have to figure out how many of what you need.Good luck!  Cloth diapering is a fun and rewarding journey :)
My DD is now 9 1/2 months old and I have been using cloth since she was about 2 weeks old. When I started, I tried using prefolds w/ bummis super whisper wrap covers. I didn't mind these, but my DD's bottom was always red from being right next to the wetness. (I got a try it prefold kit from also got a bunch of different cloth diapers to try to see which I liked the best with a try it kit from (I almost exclusively use this site for all my cloth diapering needs.)After trying a few things, I found I really like the bumGenius 3.0's. They are pockets, but over time, have found they are super easy to use, and my husband likes using them too because they are easy to use. I haven't had any problems with runny poops leaking, and we've only had problems with pee leaking when she is in the diaper too long (this is usually when she is with someone other than me or my husband). We also use disposables at night as we have found that she will sleep better at night in them. Also, my diaper stash has been pretty small so when I was washing (every third day) she would be in disposables. I recently just invested in some more so there will no longer be a day in disposables while I'm washing. Unfortunately, they are discontinuing these and are replacing them with something new, so I'm anxiously awaiting  to see what they have come up with (especially since I'm expecting our second in 3 months)!I now use my prefolds as burp cloths, so I'm not out anything there. And everything else I can send back to to get some of my money back on my initial investment as they now sell used products.Before I started CD'ing, I spent a great deal of time researching by visiting message boards and some of the top CD'ing web sites. I found that also had some great info on using and washing cloth, and that is what encouraged me to buy diapers from there. Do not forget about wet bags though. I use a 13 gallon trash can with a lid and a wet bag I found on I also got a couple travel wet bags from there that have held up nicely so far.
Thanks everyone, that was really helpful advice!
I did a lot of research when we were considering CDing, and I chose to use FuzziBunz pocket diapers. One of the main reasons is that they us a snap system instead of velcro, which can curl up and pill over time. Plus, once baby starts learning how to undo things, snaps make it a lot harder than velcro to tear their diapers off!! Pockets are super easy to use, you just slip the insert into the pocket and you're ready to roll. Washing them is super easy, and because you've got a microfleece layer next to your baby's skin, diaper rash is virtually non-existent. And the FuzziBunz inserts are very absorbent and wide so they fit the diaper perfectly, and leaks pretty much never happen except, as stated above, if you leave baby in the same diaper for too long. You can check them out here if you want to look at what they've got. :)
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